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Bachelor and Master's Theses

Master's Theses

Title Supervisor
Minority Processes in Random Graphs Volker Turau
Minimizing Execution Time of Artificial Neural Networks on Ressource-Restricted Devices Florian Meyer
Neuroevolution using the example of the optical gesture recognition Marcus Venzke
Reinforcement Learning with Artificial Neural Network to control Water Heaters for Demand Response Tobias Lübkert
Reliable Data Streams in the Presence of External Interference Florian Kauer
Heuristic Day-Ahead Real-Time-Pricing for Demand Response with Waterbeds Marcus Venzke
Heuristic Optimization of Day-Ahead Price Functions based on Load Forecasts for Demand Response with Waterbeds Marcus Venzke
Traffic Awareness in Wireless Networked Control Systems Florian Kauer
Dynamic Slot Scheduling for Reliable Communication in Wireless Mesh Networks Florian Kauer
Control of Large-Scale Industrial Plants with Wireless Actuators Florian Kauer
On Transformation of Self-stabilizing Algorithms Gerry Siegemund
Increasing Throughput in Large Mesh Networks Through Multi-Transceiver-Devices Florian Kauer
Trunked Radio Systems for Industrial Machine to Machine Communication Florian Kauer
Distributed Virtual Ring Algorithm in WSN Gerry Siegemund
Joint Analysis of TDMA and Geographic Routing for a Large Scale Wireless Mesh Network Florian Kauer
Data Coding for Wireless Transmission in Large Industrial Plants Florian Kauer
Service Discovery and JavaScript Remote Calls for Building-Linked Services using Smartphones Julian Ohrt
Simulation of controlling domestic water heaters for demand response Marcus Venzke
Evaluation of Simple Fragment Forward Recovery for the 6LoWPAN Protocol Andreas Weigel
Bewegungsprofile anhand ungenauer Positionsdaten Julian Ohrt
Rules And Permissions For Location-Based Services Julian Ohrt
Middleware for Wireless Sensor Networks Gerry Siegemund
Transmission and Presentation of medical Sensor-Data Martin Ringwelski
Executing Code on Smartphones Triggered by Location-Based Services Julian Ohrt
A Comparative Performance Evaluation of the RPL Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks. Andreas Weigel
Location-Based Routing in Large-Scale, High-Density Wireless Networks Stefan Unterschütz
Linux Kernel Enhancement for Thread-Level Speculation Holger Machens
Reliable Broadcasting in Large-Scale, High-Density Wireless Sensor Networks Stefan Unterschütz
Interoperable Benchmark Framework for Transactional Memory Holger Machens
Routing Mechanisms for Moving Devices for Infrastructure Networks Björn Greßmann
Analysis and Optimization of Compression Algorithms for Smart Metering with Sensor Networks Christian Renner
Geographic Mesh-Routing on Planar City Overlay Stefan Unterschütz
Adaptive channel selection in multi-gateway wireless sensor network Björn Greßmann
Development Support for Energy-aware Debugging Christian Renner
Modeling and Assessing an Energy-Aware Power-Supply for Wireless Sensor Nodes Christian Renner
Optimization of RFID anti-collision algorithms Arne Bosien

Diploma Theses

Title Supervisor
A Runtime Environment for Thread Level Speculation Holger Machens
Implementation and evaluation of the GNU Libc and Libstdc++ in an Android system Martin Ringwelski
Entwurf einer Architektur für ortsbezogene Dienste auf heterogenen mobilen Geräten Björn Greßmann
Helge Klimek
Lokalisierung von Objekten mittels drahtloser Sensoren unter Verwendung von Anordnungsinformationen Björn Greßmann
Helge Klimek
Models for Indoor Navigation and Location-Based Services Helge Klimek
Rent-A-Sensor: A Support Platform for Conducting Sensor Networks Experiments in a Shared Environment Christoph Weyer
Bluetooth-Positionsdaten zur Ermittlung von Personenströmen in Gebäuden Björn Greßmann
Indoor Navigation on an Embedded System Helge Klimek
Evaluation of MAC-protocols for a multi-gateway wireless sensor network Björn Greßmann
Approximation Ratio of Self-stabilizing Algorithms Considering the Graph’s Topology Bernd Hauck
Programming Self-Stabilizing Algorithms in Real Sensor Network Deployments Christoph Weyer
Analysis of localization techniques for Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN) in a known indoor environment Jürgen Jessen
Fehlereinpflanzung in selbststabilisierenden verteilten Systemen Christoph Weyer
Entwicklung einer formalen Beschreibung von selbststabilisierenden Algorithmen Christoph Weyer
Erreichung von Fehlertoleranz unter Ausnutzung von Charakteristika der drahtlosen Kommunikation Christoph Weyer
Beschreibungssprache für selbststabilisierende Algortihmen für drahtlose Sensornetze Christoph Weyer
Energy-Efficient TDMA Schedules for Data-Gathering in Wireless Sensor Networks Christoph Weyer

Bachelor's Theses

Title Supervisor
Simulation of the Cellular Energy System-concept in the low voltage grid Amine Youssfi
Hardware Implementation of a Sink-oriented Scheduling Algorithm for IEEE 802.15.4 DSME Networks Ivonne Andrea Mantilla González
Co-Simulation of an FMU in OMNeT++ Marcus Venzke
Dynamic Channel Adaptation through Reinforcement Learning in IEEE 802.15.4 DSME Florian Meyer
Managing Transmission Power through Reinforcement Learning to Avoid Self-interference Florian Meyer
Hand gesture recognition with decision trees Marcus Venzke
Training rekurrenter neuronaler Netze als zwei Feedforward-Netze Marcus Venzke
A case study of gesture control with artificial neural networks for a coffee machine Marcus Venzke
Zuverlässige Gestenerkennung mit künstlichen neuronalen Netzen Marcus Venzke
Evaluation of Low-Power Wide-Area Network Technologies in Industrial Applications Florian Meyer
Optical gesture recognition using artificial neural networks for small embedded systems Marcus Venzke
Stochastic Programming for Cost-Optimal Scheduling of Electric Water Heaters under Dynamic Pricing Tobias Lübkert
Scalability of Cellular Networks in Industrial Applications Florian Kauer
Implementing Distributed Algorithms for Threshold Detection Maximilian Köstler
Load forecasting and load control of waterbeds for demand response Marcus Venzke
Learning Algorithms to predict individual Hot Water Withdrawal Profiles for Demand Response Tobias Lübkert
Comparison of Demand Response Approaches for Waterbeds Using Simulation Volker Turau
Marcus Venzke
A Demand-Response Algorithm Based on Linear Programming Marcus Venzke
Reliable and Efficient Data Dissemination in Large Scale Wireless Mesh Networks Florian Kauer
Security Relevant Traffic Monitoring in Wireless Mesh Networks Florian Kauer
Evaluation and demonstration of a dynamic topology control algorithm for wireless sensor networks Gerry Siegemund
Navigationservice for BLISS based on SvgNaviMap Julian Ohrt
Survey on Clustering-Algorithms for WSN Gerry Siegemund
Collecting Wifi-Scans for Localization Julian Ohrt
Implementation of the Constrained Application Protocol for an Embedded System Martin Ringwelski
Design and Implementation of an IPv6 Border Router for 6LoWPAN-enabled Wireless Sensor Networks Andreas Weigel
Design and implementation of a lightweight persistent storage-systems for an embedded system Martin Ringwelski
ROFL - RatiOnal FLoat Sven Köhler
Gerry Siegemund
Dynamic Management of Shared Virtual Memory for Multi-Processing on Linux Holger Machens
Connecting external position providers and representing positions on smartphones Julian Ohrt
Indoor Maps for Navigation using SVG Julian Ohrt
Multilateration using Commodity Hardware Helge Klimek
Energy-Aware and Prediction-Based Scheduling for Energy-Harvesting Sensor Nodes Christian Renner
Development of a positioning adapter with Bluetooth interface Björn Greßmann
Helge Klimek
Complexity of Self-stabilizing Algorithms Considering the Graph’s Topology Bernd Hauck
Design and Implementation of a Remote Monitoring System for Energy Harvesting Sensor Nodes Christian Renner
Maximum Power Point Tracking for Solar-Powered Wireless Sensor Nodes Jürgen Jessen
Energy Simulation of Wireless Sensor Network Communication Jürgen Jessen
Development and Evaluation of Advanced Prediction Techniques for Energie Harvesters Christian Renner
Implementierung und Evaluation von asynchronen Duty-Cycle-Protokollen in TinyOS Stefan Unterschütz
Efficient DC-DC Converter Power Supply for Wireless Sensor Nodes Jürgen Jessen
Temperature Modeling of Energy Buffers for Wireless Sensor Nodes Jürgen Jessen
Christian Renner
Convergence Evaluation of Different Self-Stabilizing Algorithms Christoph Weyer
An embedded system with accelerometer for analysing human running styles Marcus Venzke
Mahalle: Connectivity-Aware Neighborhood Management Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks Christian Renner
Navigation von Robotern in einer RFID-Umgebung Arne Bosien

Project Works

Title Supervisor
Design of an FPGA for Monitoring and Emergency-Shutdown of a Heliostat-Network Florian Kauer
Influences on WiFi signals used for localization using machine learning Julian Ohrt
Context-aware automation engine for Smart Home and IoT products and services Julian Ohrt
Reliable Wireless Emergency Shutdown in Large Industrial Plants Florian Kauer
Accuracy of Machine Learning Based Wi-Fi Localization Julian Ohrt
Integrating Indoor Positions Into Android Julian Ohrt
Realization of Link-Layer Interoperability for IPv6 in Heterogenous Sensornode Platforms Andreas Weigel
Realization of a lightweight persistent storage-system for an embedded system Andreas Weigel
Variation of transmission power for improving tree-source routing in high-density wireless networks Stefan Unterschütz
Response Time Analysis of Cross-Platform Development Tools for Smartphone Applications Julian Ohrt
State of charge prediction of electrochemical energy storages in embedded systems Jürgen Jessen
Performance of Cross-Platform Applications for Smartphones Julian Ohrt
Source Routing in ORiNoCo Stefan Unterschütz
Entwicklung eines webbasierten Frameworks zur Visualisierung, Steuerung und Datenerfassung von virtualisierten Sensoren und Aktoren Stefan Unterschütz
Generating Realistic Node Placements for the Simulation of Wireless Smart Metering Networks Andreas Weigel
Representation of Indoor Maps using HTML5 Julian Ohrt
Analysing human running styles with an embedded system containing accelerometers Marcus Venzke
Architektur zur Steuerung von heterogenen Smart-Home-Umgebungen durch Smartphones Marcus Venzke
Helge Klimek
Multilateration on an embedded system with time of flight. Björn Greßmann
A Leightweight Forms Engine for Querying the Mobile Web Helge Klimek
Indoor Ranging Using Radio-Based Measurements Helge Klimek
Björn Greßmann
Model of energy production of an electromagnetic energy harvester Marcus Venzke
Andreas Weigel
Reliable data dissemination for over-the-air programming in large-scale networks Stefan Unterschütz
Simulation of routing protocols in large-scale sensor networks Stefan Unterschütz
Energy Modeling and Simulation for Wireless Sensor Nodes Jürgen Jessen
Emperical Evalutation of Fault-Containing Self-Stabilizing Algorithms Sven Köhler
Position Allocation of Wireless Devices Stefan Unterschütz
Evaluation and Comparison of Prediction Models for a Solar Energy Harvester Christian Renner
Schneller Hotspotwechsel bei IEEE 802.11b/g-Funknetzen Arne Bosien
Marcus Venzke
Autonomous Power-Supply Based on Solar Cells and Supercapacitors for Wireless Sensor Nodes Christian Renner
Entwurf eines Hardwareadapters zur Strommessung von drahtlosen Sensorknoten Christoph Weyer
Personal Document Management for StudIP Christian Renner
Dienstqualität des WLANs auf dem Flughafen Hamburg in Abhängigkeit von Wetter, Ort und anderen Einflüssen Marcus Venzke
Arne Bosien
Data Aggregation for Multiple Sinks in Sensor Networks Christoph Weyer

Research Project and Seminar

Title Supervisor
Integration and detection of aerial objects in a simulation environment for air taxis Shashini Thamarasie Wanniarachchi
Performance evaluation of a handover enabled 5G communication system Shashini Thamarasie Wanniarachchi
Sensor Based Location Awareness with LSTM-Networks Marcus Venzke
Nisal Hemadasa Manikku Badu
Sensor Based Location Awareness with Decision Trees Marcus Venzke
Volker Turau
Nisal Hemadasa Manikku Badu
Design of a Minimal Facet Eye Camera for Hand Gesture Detection Florian Meyer
Model for Realistic Samples of Waterbeds for Simulation in Demand Response Studies Marcus Venzke
Performance of Cost-Optimization Methods on an 8-bit AVR Microcontroller Tobias Lübkert
Neuronale Netze zur Lastprognose von Wasserbetten mit Demand-Response Marcus Venzke
An Extended Interface for Remote Access to OMNeT++ Maximilian Köstler
Performance of Artificial Neural Networks on an AVR Microcontroller Maximilian Köstler
Heuristic Optimization of Price Functions to Control Thermostatically Controlled Devices for Demand Response Tobias Lübkert
Reliable Over-the-Air Programming in Large-Scale Wireless Mesh Networks Florian Kauer
An Empiric Reliability Analysis of TSCH for Dense Wireless Networks Florian Kauer
Development of a Two Mass DEWH Model for an Event based Demand Response Simulation Tobias Lübkert
Porting CometOS to the IoT-LAB Andreas Weigel
Development of a module for consumer-side power network analysis Marcus Venzke
Development of a TDMA MAC Layer Florian Kauer
Hardware Development for the AutoR Project Florian Kauer
Retrofitting of refrigerators for demand response
Evaluation and Circuit Design for ARM Based Hardware Florian Kauer