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Bündelfunk für industrielle M2M Kommunikation


The deployment of wired fieldbuses substantially contributes to the costs of large industrial plants, for example concentrated solar power plants with diameters of several hundred meters. In order to reduce these costs, efforts are being made to replace wired fieldbuses by wireless solutions. Thereby, it is essential to maintain reliability and real-time capabilities to prevent damage and retain efficiency. Today, trunked radio networks are widely used for communication. Police forces, fire brigades and public services use their own cellular networks for reliable communication. Originating from speech communication, today’s trunked radio networks are equally suited for data transmission, so they might be a suitable option for the aforementioned application.

Work Description

The purpose of the advertised thesis is to analyze existing technologies for trunked radio communication and assess their suitability for industrial applications. Relevant are technologies for professional mobile radio (TETRAPOL, TETRA...). By analyzing the respective documents and running simulations, the thesis should answer questions such as

How many clients can be distributed in an area of one square kilometer, if we want to collect 100 byte of data every 5 minutes from each client?


Startdatum 21. März 2016
Enddatum 20. September 2016
Projekte AutoR | SensorNet
Betreuer Florian Kauer