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The Telematics Team

  • 20. October 2020
    Best paper award at AdHoc-Now 2020 details
  • 5. February 2020
    Tobias Luebkert passes doctoral examination details
  • 6. May 2019
    Florian Kauer passes doctoral examination with distinction details
  • 5. September 2017
    Andreas Weigel passes doctoral examination details
  • 30. June 2017
    Gerry Siegemund passes doctoral examination details
  • 3. May 2017
    Julian Ohrt passes doctoral examination details
The Telematics Team - group photo
The Institute of Telematics is part of the School of Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, and Mathematics at the Hamburg University of Technology. The Institute of Telematics currently employs 11 research assistants (63% third-party funded), one senior researcher, and 3 members of technical and administrative staff. On average, the research includes 20 student's theses per year (i.e. 2009: 21 projects works, diploma- and master's theses). The Institute of Telematics does research within 8 projects.
Volker Turau
Institute of Telematics (E-17)
School of EE/IT
Hamburg University of Technology
Am Schwarzenberg-Campus 3, building E
21073 Hamburg, Germany
Jürgen Jessen Andreas Weigel Helge Klimek Gisele Winterstein Peter Baasch Sven Köhler Gerry Siegemund Prof. Dr. Volker Turau Christian Renner Bibin John Christoph Weyer Martin Ringwelski Dr. Marcus Venzke Holger Machens Björn Greßmann Julian Ohrt