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Project Work

Reliable data dissemination for over-the-air programming in large-scale networks

One of the most fundamental service in wireless sensor/actuator network is the update to a new firmware version. Wireless nodes are often deployed in difficult accessible environments, thus collecting a node in order to flash a new firmware using a wired connection may produce high maintenance costs. An alternative approach is the use of the radio communication itself, which is commonly known as over-the-air programming (OAP).

In large-scale, multi-hop networks a reliable dissemination of the firmware to all nodes becomes a challenge. Typically a firmware update consists of hundreds up to thousands of packets which are flooded over the whole network. The missing of one packet, due to packet loss, is commonly notified to the source. This technique can produce the so-called “NACK implosion problem”.

The aim of this bachelor thesis is to investigate techniques for a reliable data dissemination for over-the-air programming in large-scale networks. Additionally, the student has to develop a scalable protocol for performing OAP with a small delay. Finally, the solution must be implemented and evaluated.

Start date 6. September 2010
End date 2. March 2011
Supervisor Dr.-Ing. Stefan Unterschütz