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Diploma Thesis

Analysis of localization techniques for Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN) in a known indoor environment

Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN) are a key research topic of the Institute of Telematics at the TUHH. For various applications localization of the participating sensor nodes is a common problem, because sensor data is always related to its location. Sometimes the position of these nodes even influences the dedicated function. The manual input of the position is not economic or not even possible. Especially indoor localization is gaining more and more attention.

This diploma thesis will focus on already existing indoor localization methods for WSNs. One method will be applied to a chosen indoor application scenario, where the layout of the nodes is already known in advance. Achieving an accuracy of 20-30cm is the main demand. In addition the use of anchors (nodes with an already known position) shall be minimized, not compromising the required accuracy. A simulation of the algorithm will be conducted in Matlab, taking a suitable channel model into account.

Start date 15. May 2009
End date 16. November 2009
Supervisor Jürgen Jessen