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Research Project and Seminar

Performance evaluation of a handover enabled 5G communication system


5G new radio (NR), the 5th generation of mobile networks came into play in the year 2019 as a new global wireless standard after the 4G LTE technology. The key expectations of 5G are to deliver high data rates with large network capac- ity, ultra-reliable low latency communication and the support of massive machine type communications. 5G is designed to provide more connectivity than the previous mobile genera- tions ever had provided and the developments in the context of 5G are still underway. The 3GPP (3rd Generation Partnership project), which is a standards organization, develops specifications for mobile telecommunications. Since their release 15 of the specification, they are focused on 5G NR and have come up with the protocols that apply in terms of developing 5G communication systems. In the specification, they define the standalone mode architecture where 5G RAN is directly connected to the 5G Core network (CN) as depicted in the figure. In this project, we are focusing on the same network implementation. In-detail information regard- ing the deployment can be found in the release 15: 3GPP TR 21.915 V15.0.0. Accordingly, an infrastruc- ture-based communication system establishes the connection from a user equipment (UE) to the CN via the RAN. In 5G, the RAN is referred to as the NG-RAN and incudes the gNodeB (base station in 5G). gNodeB is connected to the CN via an interface referred to as NG and in between the gNodeB nodes, connections are established via Xn interface.

Your Tasks

The use case of this project is the UE being an air taxi. There is no requirement to implement any air taxi specific conditions, yet attention must be paid to the factors of altitude and speed of the UE. Thus, the main objective is to evaluate the performance of the system when the UE is an air taxi in a realistic environment.

End date 30. November 2022
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Supervisor Shashini Thamarasie Wanniarachchi