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Master's Thesis

Development Support for Energy-aware Debugging

The TinyOS simulator TOSSIM does not offer support for models of energy consumptions. The main goal of this thesis hence is to eliminate this deficiency. In addition, link-quality information obtained from the SomSeD deployment shall be used to design and implement a realistic radio propagation model for TinyOS. Thus giving rise to an easy to use and feasible simulation test-suite for the ongoing research activities in the SomSeD research cluster. In combination with another thesis at the Institute of Telematics, the integration of power-analysis tools is also possible. Putting these enhancements of the TOSSIM simulator together allows a deep insight into the energy consumption of the running software over time. The expressiveness of the results developed in this thesis should be validated by investigating the energy-efficiency of existing implementations of routing protocols in TinyOS.

Start date 1. April 2009
End date 29. October 2009
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Projects EBS | SensorNet
Supervisor Dr.-Ing. Christian Renner