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Research Project and Seminar

Integration and detection of aerial objects in a simulation environment for air taxis


This thesis is associated with the project ULTRAS (German for Urbane Lufttransportsimulation) which analyses the usage of air taxis as a means of passenger transport in urban environments. These air taxis traverse the low-altitude air space. Thus, detecting other aerial objects that occupy the same air space is prominent in making control and navigation decisions for the air taxi. To this end, we want to extend our simulation environment to integrate these aerial objects and detect them by simulating a sensor system inside the air taxi model. It is expected that the sensors capture the state (position and speed) of these objects in the simulation environment. The entire system is modeled using OMNeT++ simulator and we make use of the INET and simu5g frameworks.

Goals of the project

So far in the project, we have implemented a mechanism to detect the state of neighboring air taxis that are communicating with each other. However, there could be other unexpected stationary and mobile aerial objects such as birds, balloons, and drones that do not communicate with the air taxis. Therefore the goal of the project is to simulate the integration and sensing of such aerial objects in our simulation environment.

End date 29. August 2023
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Supervisor Shashini Thamarasie Wanniarachchi