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Bachelor's Thesis

Mahalle: Connectivity-Aware Neighborhood Management Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks

Mahalle, a neighborhood-management protocol, has been proposed and evaluated by simulation at the Institute of Telematics at the TUHH. As simulation results are promising and prove Mahalle's superiority to existing solutions, it is desirable to port Mahalle to real sensor nodes, e.g, the XBow Iris nodes using TinyOS. In addition, Mahalle requires an important improvement. It relies on periodic message exchange (via broadcasts) and is neither capable of adjusting the periodicity nor of shutting down completely, if stable links are identified. This behavior is however mandatory, as a continuous neighborhood management wastes energy resources and steals a share of the restricted wireless channel. Solving both challenges, porting and extending Mahalle, will be your task! Furthermore, the developed solution is to be evaluated via simulation and a realistic testbed. Results obtained from both experiments shall be compared.

Start date 1. May 2009
End date 21. August 2009
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Projects SomSeD | SensorNet
Supervisor Dr.-Ing. Christian Renner