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Project Work

Position Allocation of Wireless Devices

The correct location of all the life vests in an aircraft has to be verified by an airline before each flight. To decrease costs, a determination of the positions using wireless technology is considered. For this purpose each life vest is equipped with a tiny wireless device broadcasting periodically its identification number. Current research shows, that a ranging and position detection of these nodes based on the received signal strength leads to inappropriate results due to the fact of multipath propagation in an aircraft cabin. An alternative approach is the usage of neighboring data, which is logged by each node via overhearing of the radio channel.

Although the expected position of the live vests in the cabin is known, mapping of the received identification numbers of the live vests to seat numbers is still a challenge. In this thesis techniques for solving this problem have to be developed using neighborhood information of the wireless devices.

Start date 23. March 2010
End date 17. August 2010
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Supervisor Dr.-Ing. Stefan Untersch├╝tz