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Master's Thesis

Modeling and Assessing an Energy-Aware Power-Supply for Wireless Sensor Nodes

In the Institute of Telematics at the TUHH, an energy harvesting power supply with a GoldCap as its energy buffer is currently under development. Due to the freshness of this module, there is a lack of detailed experience with charging and decharging characteristics of this power supply. It will be your task to analyze and investigate those characteristics under different environmental circumstances, e.g., varying light or temperature conditions. As the second step, you will use the gained knowledge to derive theoretical models for charging and decharging. Finally, you will devise and implement software to enhance TinyOS in order to support the new energy supply and allow for runtime estimations.

Start date 1. April 2009
End date 1. September 2009
Supervisor Dr.-Ing. Christian Renner