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Diploma Thesis

Rent-A-Sensor: A Support Platform for Conducting Sensor Networks Experiments in a Shared Environment

This work forms one of the first steps of our long term goal to build an open hardware/software platform which supports a detailed monitoring of real-world sensor network deployments. The task of this thesis is the design, implementation and evaluation of an open sensor testbed architecture which can be shared by many users over the internet.

As sketched in the figure, sensor nodes will be connected to a server using a set of USB hubs. The server will bridge the sensor nodes to the internet allowing clients controlled access by means of an experiment schedule (e.g. using GoogleCalendar as Web-Service). The server allows flashing nodes with new program images, configuring nodes for experiments, conducting experiments, collecting log file data, and retrieval of experimental results.

The milestones of this work are as follows:

Start date 13. July 2010
End date 13. January 2011
Documents Flyer
Projects SensorNet
Supervisor Christoph Weyer