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Diploma Thesis

Programming Self-Stabilizing Algorithms in Real Sensor Network Deployments

Currently the SelfWISE framework is available for the TinyOS integrated simulator TOSSIM. To gather first impressions about the performance of self-stabilizing algorithm in real sensor network deployments, the SelfWISE framework must be ported to a hardware platform. At the Hamburg University of Technology, wireless sensor nodes, such as the XBow Iris nodes, are subject to extensive research. They are used for amongst others in a real-world deployment within the research cluster SomSeD. The goal of this thesis is to port the SelfWISE framework to the Iris hardware platform and to perform first evaluations in real deployments. The milestones of this work are as follows:

Start date 28. July 2009
End date 28. January 2010
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Projects SelfWISE | Self-Stabilization | SensorNet
Supervisor Christoph Weyer