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Project Work

Personal Document Management for StudIP

The goal of this thesis is the implementation of a Stud.IP plugin to allow for a simplified and personal document management. The way of accessing documents in Stud.IP is not handy, as users must navigate to a course and search through all documents of that course, using a static HTML scheme requiring many reloads. In this project work, a plugin for easy and personalized document access is implemented. Firstly, all documents of each course a user is enrolled in are displayed on a single page in a tree-like fashion. Secondly, the user can select documents of particular interest. These are shown on a dedicated page, so that relevant documents can be accessed faster. Thirdly, users can add tags, comments to documents and can also rate them. Fourthly, searching for documents is implemented.

Start date 10. January 2009
End date 10. April 2009
Projects eLearning
Supervisor Dr.-Ing. Christian Renner