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Project Work

Energy Modeling and Simulation for Wireless Sensor Nodes

Energy is the limiting factor for the lifetime of the nodes in wireless sensor networks. The lifetime of a node is limited by the capacity of its battery, the hardware and the software running on the node. A prediction of this lifetime can be done analytically or in a simulation prior to physical assignment. A typical wireless sensor node consists of four main components: microcontroller, transceiver, sensor and energy supply. Each component has a specific energy consumption, which is depending on its current state of operation. The software defines the sequence of states. However, some influences are not predictable in advance, because the node is integrated in a network, which causes communication errors and unique unpredictable timings. This is part of the simulation to gain a more reliable lifetime prediction for a wireless sensor node inside a wireless sensor network.

Start date 16. August 2010
End date 16. November 2010
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Supervisor Jürgen Jessen