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Project Work

Analysing human running styles with an embedded system containing accelerometers

The goal of the proposed bachelor thesis is to investigate algorithms to analyse how a human runs, based on the acceleration of their legs or feet measured with accelerometer chips. Different styles of running need to be detected reliably and distinguished from walking. It should be detected if a human runs uphill, downhill or on a flat path. In addition the stress to the body (e.g. on articulations, bones) has to be measured. The effect of shock absorbing running shoes should be analysed.

Along with the development of algorithms, measurements with different humans have to be conducted to prove the applicability of the algorithms. The embedded system developed in the previous student project should be applied for recording acceleration forces. This requires designing a suitable housing that can be fixed to the body. Recorded signals shall be evaluated on a PC, e.g. using Matlab.

Start date 6. April 2011
End date 14. October 2011
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Projects SensorNet
Supervisor Dr. Marcus Venzke