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Master's Thesis

Joint Analysis of TDMA and Geographic Routing for a Large Scale Wireless Mesh Network

The deployment of wired fieldbuses substantially contributes to the costs of large industrial plants, for example concentrated solar power plants with diameters of several hundred meters. In order to reduce these costs, efforts are being made to replace wired fieldbuses by wireless solutions. Thereby, it is essential to maintain reliability and real-time capabilities to prevent damage and retain efficiency. Today’s wireless mesh networks induce low investment, setup and maintenance costs. However, they still have weaknesses in the aforementioned parameters. Especially the common usage of CSMA/CA methods limits the applicability for high throughput in large-scale networks, since the probability of collisions grows strongly. Reliable data transmission is promised by techniques that are based on time division channel access, such as the WirelessHART data link layer, the 802.15.4e TSCH scheme or the 802.15.4k TRLE scheme. However, the scalability to very large mesh networks is questionable, especially in the setup phase. Secondly, the routing has a significant influence on the performance of the MAC layer that is to be evaluated at the same time.

Start date 1. January 2015
End date 1. July 2015
Projects AutoR | openDSME | SensorNet
Supervisor Dr.-Ing. Florian Kauer