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Project Work

Integrating Indoor Positions Into Android

The goal of this work is to develop and evaluate possibilities how to integrate position data into the Android operating system. On the one hand, data from the Bluetooth adapter is to be tunneled into the system. On the other hand, for testing purposes it is required to simulate arbitrary positions and movements. In a first step, existing research needs to be analyzed. There are already technologies and methods available to receive position data from the Bluetooth adapter by Android, as well as injecting it into the Android system in order to be used by any application. There is also an application available which displays an indoor map which allow navigation based on SVG. Research needs to be undertaken to combine the relative SVG coordinates which are used for displaying the current position on the SVG with the real-word coordinates provided by the operating system. Furthermore, required research includes examining how to provide, store, and replay simulated positions and movements.

Start date 1. March 2013
End date 1. March 2013
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Supervisor Dr.-Ing. Julian Ohrt