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Bachelor's Thesis

Evaluation and demonstration of a dynamic topology control algorithm for wireless sensor networks

Topology control algorithms (TCAs) are used in wireless sen- sor networks to reduce interference by carefully choosing communication links. Since the quality of the wireless channel is subject to fluctuations over time TCAs must repeatedly recompute the topology. TCAs ensure quick adjustment to new or deteriorating links while preventing precip- itant changes due to transient faults. This work contributes an evaluation of a dynamic TCA that provides a compromise between agility and stability, and constructs connected topologies for low latency routing. Further- more, it enforces memory restrictions and is of high practical relevance for real sensor network hardware.

Start date 1. July 2015
End date 6. September 2015
Projects ToleranceZone | Self-Stabilization
Supervisor Dr.-Ing. Gerry Siegemund