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Diploma Thesis

Beschreibungssprache für selbststabilisierende Algortihmen für drahtlose Sensornetze

Self-stabilizing algorithms are a common approach to handle error conditions in distributed systems. The usage of self-stabilizing algorithms in the area of wireless sensor networks is a promising solution to create localized algorithms that are scaleable, even in networks consisting of thousands of nodes. Self-stabilizing algorithms are specified by rules that are executed locally on each node, based on the local knowledge of the node. To hide the complexity of wireless sensor networks to the algorithm developer an abstraction must be provided. The task of this thesis is to design and implement an abstraction layer simplifying the development process of self-stabilizing algorithms in a rule-based way, without any knowledge of the underlying network. Therefore the rules should be automatically transformed into nesC programs, which are suitable for wireless sensor nodes running TinyOS. To simplify the development the simulator TOSSIM should be used.

Start date 15. January 2008
End date 15. July 2008
Projects SelfWISE | Self-Stabilization
Supervisor Christoph Weyer