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Shashini Thamarasie Wanniarachchi

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Shashini Thamarasie Wanniarachchi
Room 4.073, building E
Am Schwarzenberg-Campus 3
21073 Hamburg
phone+49 40 42878 - 3745



Jan Berling, Philipp Hastedt, Shashini T. Wanniarachchi, Andreas Vieregg, Carsten Gertz, Volker Turau, Herbert Werner and Volker Gollnick. A Modular Urban Air Mobility Simulation Toolchain with Dynamic Agent Interaction. In Deutscher Luft- und Raumfahrtkongress 2022 (DLRK22), DGLR, September 2022. Dresden, Germany.
@InProceedings{Telematik_dlrk_2022, author = {Jan Berling and Philipp Hastedt and Shashini T. Wanniarachchi and Andreas Vieregg and Carsten Gertz and Volker Turau and Herbert Werner and Volker Gollnick}, title = {A Modular Urban Air Mobility Simulation Toolchain with Dynamic Agent Interaction}, booktitle = {Deutscher Luft- und Raumfahrtkongress 2022 (DLRK22)}, pages = , publisher = {DGLR}, day = {27-29}, month = sep, year = 2022, location = {Dresden, Germany}, }
Abstract: We present a modular simulation toolchain for urban air mobility (UAM), used to investigate interdisciplinary challenges in research fields like transportation planning, air-traffic research, control systems and telematics. The framework can be enhanced to evaluate the connection between travel times and demand, or the inter-dependence of U-Space regulations and self-separation performance. In an example scenario, UAM demand is based on the share of passengers using existing modes in a transportation model. Missions for urban air routes are computed on a layered grid, and conflicts are resolved in a pre-departure scheduling. The multi-agent simulation framework based on OMNeT++ integrates complex dynamics and guidance, navigation, and control algorithms, as well as different communication protocols like 5G. We evaluate a workflow for the city of Hamburg with several thousand flights, based on transportation-related key-performance-indicators.

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