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Urban Air Transport Simulation

Contact Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Volker Turau
Staff Shashini Thamarasie Wanniarachchi
Start 1. May 2021
Financing BMWi - LUFO VI

Project Description

The ULTRAS project aims to evaluate the possibilities and risks to develop an integrated solution proposal of an urban air mobility (UAM) system for the Hamburg metropolitan region. To this end, 4D trajectories planned on the operating routes from specific demand and complying with the capacity restrictions are transferred to a fast-time simulation. This way, the unmanned air taxis could autonomously separate the vehicles equipped with position accuracy tolerances and thus exclude collisions. Vehicle dynamics and flight controllers are simulated, as are redundant sensors and real-time communication between vehicles and with a ground control center. The simulation results will be evaluated under different technical aspects, economic benefits as well as costs and environmental impacts. Under the criteria of acceptance and economic viability, an overall societal evaluation will be made. Finally, recommendations for action will be derived.

In this project, the Institute of Telematics will be contributing under three major sectors. First, the implementation of communication focuses on investigating how very high bandwidth communication networks, precisely 5G standards can support the implementation of an urban air transportation concept. Secondly, investigating how to achieve the performance and reliability of the sensor system required in a UAM system for safe operation. And finally, a simulator will be developed for the verification of communication and sensor models for UAM concepts based on OMNeT++ discrete event simulator. This will be then integrated into the overall simulation chain (RCE chain) of the project. Thus, enabling the simulation of the entire system and contributing to the overall evaluation of UAM concepts.

Project Partners