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CAR Management on Aprons

Staff Dr. Marcus Venzke
Start 1. November 2006
End 31. July 2008
Financing City of Hamburg

Project Description

The CARMA project investigates the feasibility to implement cost-efficient systems for vehicle management on aprons for mid-size airports. The systems are an addition to A-SMGCS systems controlling aircrafts and safety-critical airport vehicles (e.g. follow-me cars) on ground, requiring costly equipment in every vehicle. For vehicle management on aprons cost is reduced by applying common technologies and off-the-shelf hardware.

CARMA is funded by the City of Hamburg, Department of Economics and Labour. It was started in December 2006. In addition to the Institute of Telematics, the consortium includes Hamburg airport (FHG), the German air navigation service provider (DFS), industry (Airbus, Airsys), and further research institutes (DLR, University of Hamburg, Braunschweig University of Technology).

Major tasks conducted by the Institute of Telematics are the investigation of technologies for localization and identification of vehicles, and for wireless communication between vehicles airport backend systems. The Institute also participates in optimizing fleet management and turn-around processes. It is assumed that PDA based on-board units are used in vehicles that localize themselves and send their position to backend systems. Technologies considered for localization are GPS and Galileo, but also sensors installed on the apron and positioning via communication technologies. Candidate technologies for wireless communication come form the area of cellular phones (GSM, UMTS, TETRA) or mobile LANs (WLAN, WiMAX). The technologies have to be supported on the PDAs with standard hardware to keep costs low.

More information can be found on the CARMA project website.


Steffen Loth, Marcus Venzke, Dietmar Möller, Axel Husfeldt, Volker Turau and Christoph Meier. Car Management on Aprons (CARMA) - Developing Integrated Solutions for Vehicle Management at Mid-Size Airports. In Proceedings of the First International Workshop on Aircraft System Technologies (AST'07), March 2007, pp. 257–266. Hamburg, Germany.
@InProceedings{Telematik_LVMHTM_2007_CARMA, author = {Steffen Loth and Marcus Venzke and Dietmar M{\"o}ller and Axel Husfeldt and Volker Turau and Christoph Meier}, title = {Car Management on Aprons (CARMA) - Developing Integrated Solutions for Vehicle Management at Mid-Size Airports}, booktitle = {Proceedings of the First International Workshop on Aircraft System Technologies (AST'07)}, pages = {257-266}, day = {29-30}, month = mar, year = 2007, location = {Hamburg, Germany}, }
Abstract: The paper investigates the development of systems for vehicle management on airport aprons, using current A-SMGCS experiences, with a focus on fleet management and turn around processes of mid-size airports. An architecture is proposed that is derived from A-SMGCS, reducing cost by only supporting cooperative targets and off-the-shelf hardware. Available candidate technologies for implementing the architecture_s components are discussed, pointing out criteria for selection. Systems for vehicle management on aprons are important, because the continuous reductions of aircraft turn-around times increase the pressure on airports and ground handling companies to optimize infrastructure and resources.