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Diploma Award 2008

Fotograph of Prof. Turau (right) and Christian Renner The 2008 Diploma Award of 1500 €, was granted to Christian Renner by the «Stiftung zur Förderung der TUHH» (Support Association of Hamburg University of Technology). The prize was presented by Dr. Hermann J. Klein, board member of both the foundation and the Germanischer Lloyd AG, on October 28th 2008 within the event of the traditional lecture series "Impulse" (impulses).

In his 1.0-graded thesis, Christian Renner analyzed three existing approaches for the optimization of wireless sensor networks with respect to data-collection speed and energy consumption at the Insitute of Telematics under supervision of Prof. Dr. Volker Turau. On this basis, the 26-year-old student developed a novel approach, yielding the lowest energy consumption and the highest data-collection speed particularly in large-scale networks. This result was obtained via computer simulation of the four approaches. Application scenarios encompass container monitoring, environmental observations, and medical inspections. Christian Renner is currently working towards his Ph.D. thesis covering the development of intelligent control-software for energy-aware devices supplied by regenerative energy sources.

Source: TUHH spektrum, February 2009. Download